We offer a Commissary kitchen for long-term use at an affordable rate

Now Available!  Kindred Creative Kitchen is a great Commissary kitchen to supplement your food cart, catering, or cake business.  We are approved as a commercial kitchen by Deschutes county, and the city of Bend.  The kitchen is fully stocked with: a six burner stove and oven; double convection ovens; refrigerator space; blast chiller; limited freezer space; food prep sink; 3 compartment sink; 30 qt mixer with attachments; and dry storage space.  We offer a flexible schedule with plenty of daytime hours.   The space is designed with a creative focus so come find your inspiration here.  The space is also designed with security in mind, to keep your products safe.  Rates start at $600 a month for full time for shared use of the kitchen, and are tiered based on hours of use.  

Commissary/Commercial kitchen for part-time use

Do you need a long-term kitchen, but don't quite need full time? We also offer a part-time rate for shared kitchen space. Rates start at $200 per month for part-time use.  Rates are a tiered rate based on hours of use.  

Need a space to prep for a party, make a wedding cake, or practice in a commercial environment?

Kindred Creative Kitchen also offers the ability to rent our kitchen for short-term or one time use.  You can schedule by the hour to have full use of our shared commercial kitchen.  Rates start at $50 per hour and are tiered based on hours of use.   

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Commissary Kitchen

Long-term kitchen rental 

part time kitchen rental

daily use kitchen rental

The Kindred Creative Kitchen

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